Amber beads

Amber beads are an incredibly beautiful "sunny" decoration that attracts attention with the play of light and warmth. It will look great on girls and women of any age, the main thing is to choose the right style and color for you.

Features and properties

Pearl beads appeared several centuries ago. But they gained great fame when the famous Coco Chanel appeared in public. They became known as "Chanel Beads". Since that time, every fashionista has among a variety of jewelry elegant and charming pearl beads.
Today, this piece of jewelry is often worn by brides on their wedding day, as they are in perfect harmony with a snow-white dress. This accessory gives the stylish bow refinement and solemnity.

Pearl beads are characterized by versatility. They can be worn as a supplement to business, evening or everyday bows. In any situation, they are appropriate.
This fashion accessory has become very popular due to the huge variety of models, among which you can choose an exquisite option for any style.



Among the variety of models, beads made of multi-colored pearls attract great attention. They look bright and impressive. Such an accessory will be the highlight of a stylish image.
Many girls pay attention to combined products. Jewelers offer beautiful and original options with gold inserts. This accessory is ideal for a solemn event.
Often pearl beads are combined with other stones. Older women prefer models with amber or garnet. Young people choose options with turquoise or lapis lazuli.
An important role is played by the material from which the clasp is made. Gold is often used in their production. Models with a silver clasp look beautiful. Masters offer luxurious options with a nickel silver clasp.
Short beads can be complemented by an exquisite pendant. It draws attention to the décolleté area and adds to the image of elegance. Multi-row models look impressive. They should be worn with elegant dresses. The threads can freely fall down or be twisted into an interesting pattern.


Types of pearls

To create pearl beads, masters use different types of pearls. Among the variety of categories, natural pearls are often used, which can be both sea, there and river.
Natural pearls are also called wild, because it is formed in natural conditions. It is extracted from the shells of mollusks living in the seas or freshwater rivers. This water mineral is very valuable.
Sea pearls have a large size and a smooth, smooth surface. The river mineral is characterized by smaller size compared to the marine counterpart, so its cost is lower.
Elite pearls are extracted from the South Seas. Unfortunately, today this mineral is practically not mined, since in organic conditions it is very rare. In nature, one pearl is formed from 50 to 200 years.
Many jewelry is created from artificial pearls, which is obtained as a result of the use of modern technology. It is made of different materials that differ in strength, color and price. Many pearls are made of plastic or glass. They are covered with a variety of varnishes of different colors.
Artificial pearls can be represented in different sizes. Often pressed mother-of-pearl of natural origin is used to create it.

Jewelry made of majolica for pearls is also liked by many fashionistas. The manufacturing company enjoys well-deserved fame, because it offers high-quality products. Beads are extracted through the use of modern technologies.


No less popular is cultured pearls. Many girls want to have a decoration made of natural pearls, but the amount of extracted mineral does not allow to satisfy the needs of all comers, so scientists have found a new way to create beautiful pearls by artificial method. A grain of sand is introduced into the mollusk, which, under the control of scientists, grows into beautiful pearls.
An ordinary person can not distinguish cultured pearls from natural, even not always an experienced specialist can draw a clear line. There are practically no differences between them. Marine cultured mineral is more expensive than the river counterpart. Raw pearls are cheaper, so jewelry from it also finds its buyers.
Cultured pearls are represented by several options. South Sea pearls are mined in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They differ in size from one to two centimeters, as well as a pleasant, warm color.
Pearls from the island of Kyushu or Honshu are another variety. They are small in size, which has from 6 to 8 mm. Pearls are presented in light green tones with silver and golden shine. Rarely come across pearls of pink or blue hue.
The most expensive among cultured pearls are pearls of black color, which are called Tahiti. One medium-sized pearl costs $10,000. It is made in the Pacific Ocean.


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